Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching 

Singing is good for the soul, the body and our mental health. Whether you are an experienced professional, looking to improve your public speaking skills or simply want to sing for fun, I can help!







Singing Lessons / Vocal Coaching for Professionals:


I have had a wealth of experience performing in a host of West End shows and have taught extensively in several of London’s top drama schools. Whether you want to be coached for a drama school entrance or require some prep for an audition, I’m your man. My piano skills are also good, so I can send you a piano accompaniment of a song with lead line and without for a fee. I can help with vocal technique, repertoire and I specialise in acting through song. I can also advise you on ways to navigate your way through what can be a complicated business and make it work for you.


Singing Lessons for Beginners:


Many people want to sing for fun, but shy away from doing so. That's such a shame! Singing lessons are genuinely enjoyable at all levels, I make it so! Is there a favourite pop song you have always wanted to have a go at? Or musical theatre song you want to belt out but don’t have the experience? Perhaps you want to wow your chums at karaoke or have a go at Britain’s Got Talent...If you come and see me, whatever level we reach together, I promise the journey will be fun.

Voice Coaching for Public Speaking:


Do you have to stand up and speak in front of people for an occasion or meeting? Are you less than confident about the prospect? Give me a call! Sometimes all you need is to try it out in front of someone in the know. It’s all about breathing, confidence and body language. Just a few small changes and you can quickly become a natural.

Who is this for?


  • Crush that audition

  • Get ready for the West End

  • Gain Mastery Level

  • Create your own sound


  • Impress with your wedding song

  • Smash at karaoke

  • Heal through your voice

Public Speaking

  • Prepare for a speech

  • Improve your executive presence

  • Speak with confidence

Singing Lessons via Video or in person

We have all had to learn new ways of working during Covid-19, but who would have thought even voice coaching can be effective and successful via video call. There were some teething problems at the start, I’m not going to lie, but some of my clients like it so much they don’t want to return to face-to-face teaching. I will try not to take it personally!


I tend to use Zoom for my sessions as it’s quite straight forward to use for both parties. Warm ups are carried out live as normal. The big change due to the delay is, instead of me accompanying you live, I send you the piano accompaniment over and you are in control of playback. It takes a little getting used to but works well. If I want you to stop I just hold out my hand and you pause the track. I can also send you notes in the CHAT section. It’s all kind of fun, why not give it a try!

I am also hoping to start teaching again from my home in Orpington when it is totally safe to do so. Watch this space!

Here is a recent review from a client video session:

"My singing lessons with Jez are the highlight of my week. It's via video right now and I am surprised how well the sessions work. We do a great mixture of exercises to build my voice, working on a practice song and then finish with a more challenging fun song. After just a few sessions my voice has already become so much stronger and I also hit higher notes. Highly recommended!"

Hans Schumann - Lawyer and Life Coach

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